At KembyTV, we’re truly proud to work with such distinguished people and the companies they have created. Here are a few statements from some of our clients:


Ken Judd - Chief Financial Officer

Drug Information Association (DIA)
Joe Krasowski - Marketing Communications Manager


Treehouse Interactive
Chris Frank - Marketing Director


DSM Pharmaceuticals Products
Paul Sidhu - Vice President, Marketing & Strategies


Runner Technologies
Kevin Runner- CEO


Application Security, Inc.
Thomas VanHorn - Vice President, Global Marketing


"Ribbit thoroughly enjoyed working with KembyTV.  Our customer was interviewed by Linda Kemby at Dreamforce. She made him feel at ease in front of the camera and was able to capture some excellent soundbites.  We are very pleased with our video and look forward to working wth KembyTV again."

Sia Frederick
Marketing Programs Manager
Ribbit Corporation


I have already seen it on the Internet, and you did a fabulous job. We will post it on our website shortly. I will highly recommend your services. I think many people will see the interview on our website. We also plan to have a translated voiceover of this interview for our Chinese, Japanese, and Korean websites. This should give you exposure around the world for your great service. Let’s do an update in the near future."

With best regards.

Robert M. Hoffman, Ph.D.
President, AntiCancer, Inc.
Professor of Surgery, University of California, San Diego



Our video produced by KembyTV, has been our most effective marketing tool
to date.

Thanks so much again. I also hope we can work on an additional project at
some point. If you have some thoughts or ideas, please don’t hesitate to
contact me. Good luck with Kemby TV, quite an operation….very
professional and great gay cartoon porn to work with on this project."

Best regards,

Tony Hubbard
General Manager
Stanbio milf porn Life Sciences